To the unknowing by stander Kambo can appear pretty brutal and even crazy. “Why on earth would anyone want to make themselves purge, sweat and generally have their arse kicked in the name of health?”. Because, there’s a secret and a method to the madness, that you can only truly appreciate if you’ve experienced it for yourself. We’ve all been there. 5 mins into the treatment, your heart’s racing like it might explode, the nausea rapidly building in your stomach, struggling to find the strength to even sit up. Questioning why you’re doing it (again) Vowing to never to it again. But then it kicks in. You purge. You release, things you could have never imagined. On a physical, a spiritual and an emotional level. It’s beautiful and even blissful. There’s a reason it’s referred to as the warriors medicine. Because that is exactly what you feel like afterwards. A Warrior!! 20 minutes of purging is worth every second, as nothing compares to the post treatment “side effects” or benefits. Energy, pain relief, motivation, stamina and focus. All after a just a few minutes “sitting with the frog”. How many pharmaceutical drugs can offer this?


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