At this time of year our focus turns to giving to others. Gifting presents, hosting family and friends , spending our precious time with others. It’s an exciting and fun season, but for many it can quickly become a time of over giving or even lead to burn out. If we’re not careful it’s easy to be giving more than we’ve got the energy for. Our reserves become drained, and and depleted. It’s a pattern we’ve all experienced at some point. Where we find ourselves going through the motions of the holidays but are too depleted to enjoy it, or even be present.
This year we invite you to take time to gift yourself the present of self love. To gift yourself the time and space you need to love yourself. To treat yourself with compassion and kindness, nurturing your physical, emotional and spiritual growth; prioritising your own needs and not sacrificing your wellbeing to please others.
What will your gift to yourself look like?


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